About Us

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, For Every Garden provides a solution to urban gardening by offering products that make gardening easier on a busy schedule and  in smaller spaces.





Founded in 2020 by garden enthusiasts that have been challenged with the difficult Northern Utah mountain climates, wildlife and soil conditions.



Growing up we always had a vegetable garden. Every year we would cover the ground with black plastic to keep out the weeds & cut holes where the plants would go. After planting our tomatoes we would mow the lawn and scatter grass clippings around the plants so they would not get scorched from the sun and black plastic. It was easy. We had a system. There were no fancy raised beds, no weeding, very little digging, only watering to produce the best tomatoes in town.

When I grew up that was how I envisioned my garden. Well, it didn’t turn out that way. my soil was rocky, poor quality and downhill draining all my watering efforts away from anything I put in the ground. I was plagued with all kinds of bugs and killed more plants than I care to admit.  I could not plant my tomatoes early enough for them to produce before fall harvest, so I was left with green tomatoes for several years. Even though I now live quite close to where I grew up, it is far enough that nothing is the same.

Thus For Every Garden was born…

Our Commitment

For Every Garden is committed to increasing successful, productive gardening in the community by offering a unique green house design that can be modified to fit into every lifestyle.

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