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With so many responsibilities pulling you in so many directions in our fast-paced society, your garden should not be one of them.

Overcome bad soil with an enclosed raised bed

Raised planter beds are the answer if you have poor nutrients in sandy or clay soil. Instead of struggling with poor topsoil, all you need to do is fill your raised planter bed with high-quality, nutrient rich soil mixes. Nutrient rich soil means less struggles for plants and less frustration for the gardener. To keep the soil in your raised plant bed healthy, all you need to do is mix in compost and other organic mater at the end of each season.

Save water with an enclosed raised bed

  • Localize your watering to the raised bed. only water where water is needed. Traditional sprinkling systems  water everywhere, much water is lost due to evaporation, weeds and sidewalks.
  • Drip systems inside the raised bed are the best way to water vegetable gardens, not only for the health of the plant but also for water conservation.
  • With an enclosed bed, water evaporation is minimized saving our precious resource as well as reducing the amount of water on the leaves of the plants that can lead to disease such as blight that is caused from spores from the soil splashing on the plant.

Stop pests with an enclosed raised bed

  • Even with raised planter beds, pest such as moles and rabbits can still pose a problem for gardeners. However, raised planter beds deep enough for a thisck layer of rocks have been found to discourage these invaders.

  • Enclosed raised planter beds will also deter deer, squirrels and rabbits from your delicious vegetables.

Reduce weeds with an enclosed raised bed

  • Once you fill your raised planter beds with soil, you can cover the surface with weed barrier or mulch and/or close the doors to prevent the wind from spreading weed seeds to your soil.
  • Raised planter beds provide a healthier environment for beneficial microorganisms and earthworms because there is not foot traffic to compact the soil. This minimized the tima and expense of tilling an makes weeking much easier.

Stop grass from invading with an enclosed raised bed

  •  Lawn grasses, which have spreading root systems, often invade a standard garden bed and becomes a serious weed. With a raised planter bed, nearby turf won’t be able to spread into your plants.

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